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There are many amazing, exotic forms of Free Source Energy. Industry monopolists pay a lot of money to teach you that exotic forms of free energy are a lie.  The Free Energy Party shows who the liars really are by using independent lab documentation.
Trolls look silly arguing against documented, scientific proofs.  To begin with, we would like to show you how solar and other alternative energies have improved to the point that they can now surpass and replace gas, oil and coal.  
We will teach you many things about these technologies which you did not know before.  First, however we will talk about breakthroughs in solar wind geothermal and wave technologies that can each replace dirty gas, coal, oil and nuclear power. 
                                          A paradigm shift is here!  
Alternative energy can now outperform gas and oil.  The Free Energy Party is here to                    show the world how to reinvest and make the transition smoothly.  
Everyone would agree on energy from a free and clean source. The world's businesses and governments just need to know that we are ready for the change.

Free energy means energy from a free source.  Of course, the technology to implement free source energy requires paying for the parts, labor, installation, maintenance, etc.
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It is the goal of the Free Energy Party to work with industry and government, demonstrating precedented models of how to transform the old energy into the new while making industry more money not less and while employing more workers, not less!
The Free Energy Party offers transitional technology which can make a dramatic change in our existing markets and in the environment, although they may wind up being replaced later by technologies such as the Green Machine.  Here are two examples of formerly suppressed technologies that could help us during this transition period.  

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​Solar has become more powerful and viable both in cost and performance than you would ever imagine.
 Why is it so important to announce that solar is cheaper than coal?
Because coal is cheaper than oil and gas and nuclear.  When solar outperforms coal it is an unsaid reality that solar is outperforming the rest of them.  The time to reinvest is now!

Everyone agrees that if we love our children and our families that we must stop oil spills in the rivers, the lakes and the oceans, and the pollution into the sky. We overwhelmingly agree that we must stop the genocide of entire nations under the pretext that oil is a strategic asset that we must illegally secure.
LTC stops pollution adding free gas and oil to the market.
Fuel vaporization stops pollution adding free fuel to the market.