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FEP Political Positions 
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Free Energy - Cures for Disease - 
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Political Sell Outs!
On the Constitution

    Many have said we need to rewrite the Constitution. The rights in the Constitution were not just dreamed up over night. They came about over many years of struggle for freedom. We must act to restore and then preserve these unalienable rights, as stated in the Declaration of Independence. We are responsible for protecting our own Constitution rather than rewriting it. Our wish to embrace the Constitution as written does not make us revolutionaries, contrary to what the current administration would have us believe. 
         The people are charged with preserving and protecting our own Constitution. Government can not be expected to protect us from tyranny by the very definition of tyranny itself. We ask you to help preserve and protect it with your vote rather than follow the lead of those who advocate violence to take America back! Thanks to you and all who stand up for the United States Constitution!
Donate to the Free Energy Party campaign to help our lawsuit, using the Rico Act, to stop collusion and racketeering between Monopoly and Government!  Help elect the party that is not for sale!
The FEP plans to hand a world worth living in to our children and their children!
Our children deserve far better 
than what they are currently 
being handed!

Robert Reich connects the dots to show how a range of positions, from the minimum wage to unemployment insurance to food stamps, work together to keep poor and working families in desperate situations -- and calls on all of us to do something about it. 

From a valued member of The Free Energy Party...
It's not a conspiracy "theory", it's the truth. Some complain about it while some ignore it in the comfort of the illusions the petro cartel has created for them. A new political party is doing something about it; releasing technology to free us from oil dependance to neutralize these monopolies. Monopolists have started the wars that move their oil. The banking cartel enslaves citizens by putting governments in debt with their central banks. The monopolies have hidden cures for disease to support their food and drug industries. It's time to stop believing the media 'they' own. We are America..not some bought representatives. It is time to take our power back. Support the Free Energy Party in 2016!
Ralph P.
Questions for the FEP (all asked with the utmost respect)
Joshua has some questions that he would like answered to help with rebuttal on issues.
Question #1)
How would you protect citizen’s right to posses and carry firearms? 

The issue of gun control is an important one. Right now 53% of our tax dollars in the US and a significant amount of tax dollars in Nato and PetroDollar nations is used for the arming of a military that often kills innocent women and children in illegal wars of aggression as defined by the Nuremburg trials and the Geneva convention.

​There has been a shifting of wealth as the 1% has ripped off the 99% since the 80's that leaves an economic distribution of wealth graph closely resembling the days of feudalism with Kings and Queens. The world is headed over a cliff under the current leadership and policy of war over oil. These tax dollars have actually been shown to be arming Al Qaeda. I can fully substantiate this claim. There is no background checks on the Al Qaeda murderers and terrorists who are being armed and trained to reek chaos and havoc and to genocide innocent nations over oil. It is also a horrible fact that known Al Qaeda defectors have stated that they and their CIA trainers have actually laid a plan to invade the US.
Guns do not commit crimes. Criminals commit crimes. We do not like the wildfire proliferation of guns. Instead we would like to see a proliferation of bread to end hunger. However, balance is very important in these distorted times. Americans need to follow the example of the Swiss who actually keep their automatic weapons from their military service and take them home to defend their homeland. In Switzerland Father and son and daughter have their automatic weapon in the gun cabinet at home and no one even thinks of invading their nation. The American Constitution allots a right to bear arms. Although all of the murder and mayhem on American television seems mentally ill and violence seems overly rampant, Americans can not surrender their right to bear arms. I do believe, however, that the Free Energy Party should investigate reported Department of Defense funding of violent video games and television programs and I believe that this constitutes illegal Rico Act collusion and racketeering between the entertainment industry and a war over oil killing industry and further that it constitutes a corruption of the very soul and character of our nation. 

Question #2) How would you handle immigration laws?
Again, before answering, many of the Us vs Them arguments in American politics are designed to divide and conquer the nation. Balance is required instead, and common sense. Virtually everyone, other than American Indians are the descendents of immigrants. We are supposed to have laws however. The current Obama administration has a very bizarre record of turning its back on laws as we see with fast and furious providing guns that actually shot border guards and allowing illegal aliens easier access to food stamps in some cases than hard working American poor. 
With trillions of dollars going toward the invasion and murder of entire nations let us not see the poor get into cat fights over five dollar bills. There should be fair immigration laws and the American poor should have more American benefits than illegal aliens. 

Question #3) How would you improve the current failing economic system?
This is an easy question to answer. The FEP Tripod will transform the economy of the US and any other nation that wishes to follow this plan. I can not help but think that your question is motivated by a post occupy notion that we need to throw it all away and get rid of money, etc. If this is how you have been taught then remember, George Soros was Obamas backer and he invested huge money into Move On and Occupy, etc, and he finances the Monopoly Communism sock puppet while the Koch brothers finance the monopoly Capitalism sock puppet. If the radical right steals all your money and the radical left convinces you that you need to get rid of money you could wind up with national ID cards or microchip implants and an end to private property and a lot of people in FEMA camps after Al Qaeda creates havoc here. It would be easy for them to do it.
Because of this, it is important to realize that monopoly wins in the event of an economic crash. If the Venus project or Zietgiest wind up hoping for a crash they are just short on the answers we have. The elimination of monopoly is possible with free energy, natural cures and organic permaculture. This will begin to reverse the money from the 1% back to the 99% to avoid the problem wherein whether dollars are used or marbles the monopoly wins unless we end monopoly.
So to answer your question, we can revolutionize the economy of the world from scarcity to abundance with free energy, natural cures and organic permaculture and we can even avoid further tragedy, or crashes, or taking the last of poor peoples money away from them.

CG - my fave Dave! Good answer!

Question #4) How do you propose to fund a free energy device in every home?
Easy, first I want to use an example of unemployed coal workers. They are starving. The entire area and town he lives in was built around his former trade. A free energy generator allows him not only to save on what he spends monthly to keep his family warm but it will allow him to have a small income for his family selling extra power back up the grid. 
Also this has the effect of Decentralizing the Grid. We can truly give power to the people for the first time with power from the people by reversing the grid and making the people the new energy producers. 
So, how to fund such a thing? 
Realize that it is a Win-Win proposition. The companies in control of the grid, for the most part, do not care where they buy the power they resell. The business community, the free enterprise, open market business community has been suppressed by the illegal restraint of trade by monopoly in the area of energy. A whole new industry is possible where business people can invest in a free energy generator to power your home and underwrite your device knowing that the payments for the ...say $5,000 loan will be paid for by your savings and by your sales back up the grid. How realistic is this? This model is already being attempted by the solar industry, only the solar cells just cost too much and yield too little. But, the laws are already in place to allow sales back up the grid in most jurisdictions. Does the business community want to get into the market area of becoming the new energy producers rather than war over oil as the energy source? You bet they do. Will that coal miner who is hungry be able to feed his family from his sales back up the grid? Sure why not. And, can the businessman wind up becoming a new Microsoft in the energy area? Sure anything is possible. Will the unemployed coal miner have to pay for the device? Actually no. How is this? Because the savings from his current electric bill or sales back up the grid will pay for it.
Win Win means that right now TBone Pickens made windmills in the flatlands of Texas. Austin Texas is completely green because they buy all their power from these windmills. It does not HURT the power companies. They don't care who they buy their power from. They resell it for a profit. They win and the customer wins. Only the customer is not winning very much in savings. With a free energy device wherein the customer is the actual power producer, the power company gets to resell the power and the customer makes the money. Both win. How is there an abundance of people for the grid to sell to? Simple. For this to take place it will take ten to twenty years to bring in the changes and free energy will allow entire communities to spring up and whole sections of people will want power that do not have generators in their home. The price of power will come down dramatically but everyone will win, instead of having impoverished customers and fat cat providers.

Question #5) How would you get factual information to people unconnected to the internet or cable tv?

When something sells like hotcakes you don't have trouble telling people about it. the first legal political party with free energy in their platform, in history, will cross the country demonstrating and proving the veracity of the technology to the middle class. The news will cover it nation and world wide because the cat will be out of the bag. Once elected, this program will be advocated and supported by your elected officials in government. All you have to do is vote for it!

Question #6) How would you handle the current corporations and businesses that sell products that inadvertently go against the platform of the FEP?

Some product sales are legal that are not good for you. This requires education, not legislation. However, in cases where we can prove illegal and corrupt collusion and racketeering, arrests will be made.

CG I am glad you added that part ^^

Question #7) What laws (if any) would you deem unnecessary to society?

The system of free enterprise is not being practiced. It is being overrun by illegal monopoly. The constitution is being butchered. No one will vote for a communistic or major overthrow of the entire system. The changes made to a very well designed original system are illegal. People need to be found guilty and jailed in some instances. It is the wish of the George Soros Monopoly Communism sock puppet to overthrow everything so that Monopoly can start in on reaming you afresh. Instead we have to keep the constitution but follow it and jail the monopolists. The president gets his entire authority on swearing to uphold the constitution. Any law that is written that is in conflict of our original founding laws is illegal and needs to be struck down. That includes torture, the elimination of the habeous corpus, the NDAA , the Patriot act, etc. T

(Inserted question by LN)
If the energy is free why do people have to pay for it?

The way they have it set up between the blue team and the red team, an us versus them paradigm, you are screwed and you loose half your voters either way you go, so we have a plan to keep the left and the right both. If we have the government raise taxes to install subsidized infrastructure introduction of free energy on every home it will be labeled a Socialistic or a Communistic plan that requires raising taxes...and if the business community comes in and just sells these things the first ones will be high like is typical with predatory capitalism and the poor won't have the money and they will be stuck on the expensive grid forever. Therefore, we please both camps. We don't leave any room for the government to screw it up by way of the house of representatives or the congress or the disaster of plans like Obama care etc. Instead, we use the business community to invest in the AFFORDABLE manufacture of the generators. We do not charge the home dweller one penny as the manufacture is underwritten by a businessman or woman that wants a profit and their profit is in the savings monthly or even in the sale back up the grid. Thereby, we give power to the people without them paying a cent. 
The model is already being attempted by the solar industry, but their energy producing ability is a little short of the high calling and their prices are a little high of the affordable mark, but they are trying.

(Inserted question by CG)
CG I wonder what the current power producers will say about this - all their infrastructures, the dams, the reactors - huge amounts of money have gone into these. Don't you think they will resist? 

CG, the changes willl be made gradually and the power and thrust of them will be economic. Was the mechanical typewriter replaced by the electronic one? Yes. Was the electronic one replaced by the computer? Yes. Are filing cabinets being replaced by flash drives? Yes. Was the pay phone replaced by cell phones? Yes. No market replaces another unless it offers more financial advantage. We are not asking permission from the monopoly,we are introducing a more successful market that will bring quality of life and increased standard of living. You can not have a booming economy with sick and dying people.
You don't go in a mother bear's cave and tell her you will be stealing her children now.

CG It is the only approach that stands a chance...

Have you ever heard of People to People multi-level marketing? They seem to do well. Have you ever heard of illegal pot sales? That market is said to be as big as cell phone sales and it is illegal and underground.
CG Makes sense now. Thanks.

We are approaching the world with a two fold strategy:
Overground demonstration to the middle class by the first Legal Political Party in history with a free energy platform and number two: Underground manufacturing and distribution
I am tell you, they can't stop it. By the way, I am the first person in the world that we could find, on the Great Google, who ever used the word Underground Manufacturing, so you know we are in a pretty darn heavy mind control cult. Free Energy is NOT illegal by the way. In fact, monopoly and restraint of trade is illegal.

Question #8)
How would you approach any other issue not related to energy, food, or health?

From a fair free enterprise, constitutionally legal, standpoint with abundance in mind instead of predatory and scarcity based methods.

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